Two Donate

Hello, my name is Angela S. and I created Two Donate was created as a way to help me pay my bills every month.

I currently live in Orlando, Florida but for many years I live in Silver Springs, Maryland with my daughter, Emma.

When my husband dyed after 30 years of marriage, I was forced to start a career in my fifties. I became a Nursing Assistant for a number of years until I decided to became a License Practical Nurse (LPN) for fifteen years before retiring at the age of 75.

This is not suppose to happen in your golden years. Having ask people for a hand out at my age. My husband worked for thirty years as a mechanic before dying of a heart attack driving home from work. I mange to pay my bills on time but somehow I like millions of retirees find myself falling behind on my bills. Mainly because rent and food keep going up but somehow my social secretary isn't going up as fast as inflation is.