My beloved donation blog was conceived as a way to earn some extra money on the side.  Paying off mounting debt I had accumulated over the years.  Like with most people out there, the largest debt is my student loan then my credit card debt I also accumulated during my college days. 

I  somehow thought I could have a actual impact on someone by motivating someone to start their own donation blog for themselves.  .   

There are too many fashion, lifestyle, and DIY blogs out there.  And all of them are trying to create enough buzz for their blog in order to entice sponsors/advertiser.

But if  you decide to start your own donation blog, please keep a few things in mind:. 

  • Never lie about you or anyone you know having an illness or personal tragedy.  Doing so will land you behind bars. 
  • Try not to add too much personal  info about yourself online.  There are SOME crazy people out there you don't want showing up at your door or having someone stealing your identity. BECAREFUL.
  • There is nothing wrong with asking for a reasonable amount of money for honeymoon, medical expences, student loan, travel expenses, wedding donation, church or donate to your favorite charity. 
  • Emma Elizabeth
  • ​February 25, 1990
  • University of Maryland--Education
  • ​Substitute Teacher
  • ​Student Loan Debt   $37,856
  • ​Credit Card Debt $16,493


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