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Rebecca Anderson

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Hello! Two Donate was created in the summer of 2015 as a way to help pay off some if not all of my mounting bills. Bills that includes but not limited to a $60,000 students I accumulated in my four years I attended college with a degree in education. $15,000 credit card debut also accumulated during my college years when I needed extra cash for food, gas, books, etc. By the way, my name is Rebecca Anderson (name has been change due to anonymity), I have been fortunate to have found a job as a substitute teacher, but somehow I still find myself working as a sales associate at a major department store and as tutor helping students after school I’m a 27 year old gal who lives in Orlando, Florida originally from Silver Springs, Maryland. I hope to be able to pay off my both my student loans and my credit card by the end of 2018 and hopefully one day start an emergency savings for that important rainy day.

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  • When you Donate $10 or 2 Starbucks Coffee
  • I am $10 closer to paying off my student loan before it turn 40 years old.
  • When you Donate $25 or 1 week of Starbucks
  • I am 2 1/2 times more like to say FU to my bank as I gleefully walk out.
  • When you donate $50 or 2 weeks of Starbucks
  • I will hysterically laugh at my bank for not paying their high interest rate.