Charitable Giving Instead of a Wedding Gifts

For Beth and Alan it was an easy choice to ask their guest to donate to a charity closest to their heart.  They  asked their guest to donate to National Arbor Day Foundation instead of buying a wedding gift.

They made arrangements through the National Arbor Day Foundation, which plants trees in national forests that have been destroyed by fire, insects, or disease. The foundation also has a rain forest protection program. "We wanted to give something more meaningful and lasting than candy, matches, or wine," explains Beth.

"We knew we wanted to do a charitable favor, but didn't want to just donate money. With the trees, each person knows there is a tree out there that has been planted just for them, which makes it very special and personal."

First Daughter Ivanka Trump accompanied her father and First Lady Melania Trump on their first overseas trip.  Both Ivanka Trump and Malania Trump both walked side-by-side in Israel.

Ivanka Trump, First Lady Melania Trump, and President Donald Trump stand with Pope Francis during a meeting at the Vatican on May 24, 2017. Evan Vucci—AP

First Daughter Ivanka Trump will be meeting with victims of human trafficking in Rome as part of President Donald Trump’s international trip to Europe and the Middle East.

Donald Trump finally met  Pope Francis Wednesday.  In attendence was Donald Trump's daughter Ivanka Trump as well as First Lady Melania Trump.

For Mr. Trump, who came here after stops in Saudi Arabia and Israel, the visit to the Vatican capped a tour of the ancestral homes of three of the world’s great monotheistic religions.

For Francis, who made his own landmark visit to Egypt last month, it was a chance to welcome a second American leader, after President Barack Obama paid his respects in 2014.

Ivanka Trump meets with human trafficking in rome
Pope Francis welcomed President Trump to the Vatican on Wednesday.

Food and Wine Tasting 

block party is a one stop shop for summer fun


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Pool Party for a Good Cause

A block party is a one-stop shop for summer fun.  The endless summer nights provide the perfect backdrop for a community gathering that benefits your cause!

Block Parties are what you make them so the vibe and atmosphere will be up to you.  Consider organizing some extra fundraising events to incorporate into the block party and maximize your donations.

Have a few games and prizes for adults as well as for kids. Watermelon is the perfect summer fruit, refreshing and healthy.  

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save money by packing a healthy lunch

Melania and Ivanka Trump wear black veils to meet Pope Francis.  Per Vatican protocol, women who have an audience with the pope are required to wear long sleeves, formal black clothing, and a veil to cover the head.

Manchester Bombing Victims Include at Least 4 Parents Awaiting Children

Pool parties are pretty straight forward. Having friends, family, neighbors and party goers donate a certain amount of money to attend your party.  of course you make it known that the money goes to what ever charity you choose.  Provide enough drinks including alcohol, food, games, music, etc.

17 Reasons to Start a Fundraiser 

Save Money by Packing a Healthy Luch

Manchester bombing victims could include at least  4 parents awaiting for their children outside Manchester Arena. In all 22 people died and 59 were wounded after a Ariana Grande concert Monday night. 

With millions of Americans watching every penny, now packing a lunch has become a trend.  Office break rooms are over flowing with people trying to save some cash during the lunch hour. 

Buying lunch can run anywhere from $4 for, say, a cup of soup and a roll, to $15 (or more) for a restaurant lunch or some take-out sushi. Let's just call the average daily lunch about $10, which gets you a fancy sandwich with some chips and a soda.

donating to charity instead of a wedding gift

Two Donate

Food and wine tasting to raise funds

Nothing says summer like enjoying a nicecold glass of wine or a cold.  Contact a few local businesses to gauge their interest, and then work together to raise funds and build the brand recognition of both your organization and the business.

Ivanka Trump and Melina Trump are in Israel,
pool party for a good cause