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My name is Emma Elizabeth and I currently live in Silver Springs, Maryland.  Thank you for visiting my Donation blog.  I started Two Donate back in 2015 when I found myself needing some extra cash.  

I graduated from University of Maryland with a degree in education.  Soon after moving back home with my mom, I started looking for a job.  

I was fortunate to find a job within 7 weeks after graduating from college.  After teaching for two years, I was; unfortunately, let go back in 2010 due to budget cuts.

I was devastated, I loved my job as a teacher, but also feared the uncertainty of not having a regular paycheck.  

I was eventually able to find a job as a banker teller at a national bank chain.  I know, I know I went to school to become a teacher, but you sometimes have to what have to do in order pay the bills.  I am still looking for a teaching position, until then, I am a bank teller at a well known bank.   

You know the saying; 'You plan and God laughs,'  well he/she is laughing right now. 

Well, thanks for visiting my website and reading my rambling about me, myself and I.  I hope you come again for a update.---Thanks Again Love Emma.

Two Donate A Personal Fundraising Blog

<strong>Game of Thrones Fundraising</strong>

- This is one of the hottest show on television right now. With millions of fans around the world, having a charity ball where people dress up like their favorite character on the show. This is one way to raise money for your charity or cause. Sell tickets to the event, selling merchandise, photos on the throne, and selling food are additional ways to generate more revenue./